Subject: Re: What are you using Sun3's for
To: Brian <>
From: Richard Ingram <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/29/1998 11:34:18
Well I'm using mine just for hacking's (ie networking) sake and to drop sunOS4
from the box, spent many a night getting everything installed - only to install
the latest version a month or so later, ideally I want to get X running on it
and put it in the network with my other boxes (sparc5/Linux, Mips Magnum/Linux,
Dual PPro/Linux). My next project is to get a cross compiler build system
working on the Linux box so I can build X in less than 24hrs!

Talking of X I could never get the pre built binaries to work - anyone else
ever have this problem ?


PS Sun 3/60 Colour 16MB NetBSD 1.3.x - x changing ;-)

On Oct 28,  1:23pm, Brian wrote:
> Subject: What are you using Sun3's for
> I was just curious what types of things you all are using your Sun3/netbsd
> systems for?
> I have plans (once mine is up and running) to just use it to hack around
> on, but perhaps some of you use these in production?