Subject: Still having problems
To: None <>
From: Brian <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/28/1998 18:25:15
I am not sure if it helps, but when I do the netbsd-rd boot, and tell it
le0,none,nfs, the output on the nfs server is this:

Oct 28 19:20:40 illusion tftpd[1285]: tftpd: trying to get file: D0D62D05
Oct 28 19:20:40 illusion tftpd[1285]: tftpd: serving file from /tftpboot
Oct 28 19:20:42 illusion nfsd[339]: <
Oct 28 19:21:25 illusion nfsd[339]: <
Oct 28 19:21:28 illusion nfsd[339]: <

shouldn't it be trying to load "miniroot"? How do you tell it to load


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