Subject: Still having problems
To: None <>
From: Brian <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/28/1998 18:02:32
I had posted the other day, and I am still having some problems

I am trying to install via NFS.

I have gotten all the way to the point where netbsd-rd boots, and it asks
me for the root and dump devices, and the file system type.

I told it, md0, none, ffs, respectivly (should I have said le0,none,nfs?)

If I say "md0, none, ffs", it displays the welcome screen and leaves me

To view this message again, type: cat /.welcome
pid 3 killed: no floating point support

and it just hangs their.

If I say "le0, none, nfs", it says:

warning: no /dev/console 

and hangs

I have "miniroot" uncompressed and sitting in the root directory for this
machine, thats all I need right? which of the above two answers is right
for a nfs installation?

My machine when it boots netbsd-rd does say 

fpu: no math support

should a 3/50 have an FPU? is that my problem?


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