Subject: Re: What are you using Sun3's for
To: Brian <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/28/1998 18:58:39
[ On Wed, October 28, 1998 at 13:23:42 (-0600), Brian wrote: ]
> Subject: What are you using Sun3's for
> I have a DB50 cable going from my Sun3/50 to the 611, and then the 611 has
> a SCSI out that is not terminated.  Do you think it will work without the
> terminator or had I better try and track down a db50 scsi terminator?  I
> hope I can find one for cheap.

You should definitely have a terminator on the connector.

> My other route, is to just run a diskless config and use an xkernel.  I
> suppose black and white xwindows is good for running an xterm session and
> that's about it? :)

I used my Sun 3/60 with its built-in bwtwo (i.e. hi-res 1600x1280)
monochrome display daily for several years (until the machine konked
out) as my primary workstation.  I now use a sparcstation-1 with a bwtwo
frame buffer card (501-1419) and the same CRT.

I think this display is the cat's meow for reading e-mail & news,
programming, writing documentation, doing sys-admin, etc., etc., etc.  I
usually even use it for web browsing too when I'm looking for content
vs. glitz (which is 90% of the time! ;-).  I will not switch to any
existing colour display until I can get a similar paper-white
high-contrast background with at least as much resolution for text work.

I currently don't have my old still-working sun3's powered up and doing
anything, though I'm keeping them around for now to do hacking, etc.

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