Subject: miniroot problem (?) with netbooting a 3/80
To: None <>
From: ratbert <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/17/1998 14:36:42

I finally got everything seemingly working, as far as netbooting a 3/80
for installation goes.

I got tftp stuff set up, /etc/bootparams seemingly correct, bootparamd
running, and rarpd. When the machine boots, it gets netboot from the tftp
server, then boots the netbsd-rd kernel from the nfs server. It then asks
me for the root device, and I specify le0. It mounts the root specified in
/etc/bootparams (/x/hybrid/root), then panics due to no init (as well as

How do I get the client to see the miniroot image? I placed the
uncompressed miniroot image as /x/hybrid/root/miniroot, and tried
/x/hybrid/miniroot, as well.

I'm lost...