Subject: Re: FW: Question/Help?
To: Peter Koch <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/06/1998 10:08:32
> Hi!
> Ok, let's clarify some things:

I need the clarification.....(:+\\.....

> 1. NetBSD 1.3.2 supports SMD disks on both the
> 	Xylogics 451 (xy) and the Xylogics 7053 (xd)

Is it compiled into the native kernel?  If so, I will give that
a whirl this weekend when I have time to redo the connections on
my SMD box.

> 2. NetBSD 1.3.2 supports the Sun3 SCSI controller (si)
> 3. NetBSD 1.3.2 does not support the old Sun2 SCSI controller (sc)

My problem is that I finally identified my controller as being a
501-1149, which seems to be one of those Sun 2 controllers.....(:+{{....
> BTW: I had a lot of troubles with old 60MB tape drives
> on NetBSD. The drives worked ok with SunOS. I wasn't
> able to install NetBSD 1.2 from tape, neither my
> Archive nor my Wangtec drive could load the NetBSD
> kernel.

I had to rebuild the drive wheel on mine to get it working.
The drive wheel rubber on older tape drives of the Wangtek
and Archive varieties seriously decomposes into a state of
sticky goo.  I have rebuilt several of the drives using ordinary
shop rubber tubing as the drive wheel treading.  The Wangtek
on my Sun 3/110 crate was rebuilt using the orange hardware
store rubber air hose stuff, carefully slipped over the old
brass drive wheel hub, and superglued in place.  The silly
thing actually works fine now.

Several times I have run into problems on tape drives (mostly
the Archive proprietary board (non-scsi) drives) where they
will read a certain bit pattern and stop cold.  I am not sure
why this happens, but it only happens on 8 bit data streams
(7 bit streams work fine on the same drive).   Most recently,
this happened yesterday on my FreeBSD box, reading a set of
Minix VMD images.  The solution is to uuencode the data
stream, which works fine, but is a pain, and takes up a lot
of tape space.  In my hands this only happens on Archive
and Wangtek tape drives, and never on Cipher tape drives (used
in my IBM AIX machines).  Maybe you have hit the same bit
pattern problem?

> Peter

My old Sun 3 crate is almost there..... almost there..... almost there....

Bob Keys