Subject: Re: FW: Question/Help?
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/06/1998 09:50:58
> > Wild question, is the box brown?  It sounds like you have the same setup as
> > I do!  The 3/160 I have is in two boxes, one with a 12 unit card cage and a
> > separate box with a large Fujitsu SMD disk.  Sorry thing is I understand
> > that NetBSD does not support the SMD yet.  Also if your SCSI board is a Sun
> 	That very much depends on your controller - I have NetBSD 1.3.2
> 	running on my sun3/260 (Well, its off right now due to heat and
> 	noise reasons).

The box I have is a kludge of misc parts from half a dozen dead machines
that got litterally dumped of the back of a truck into the dust, and
one dead 3/160 box that got likewise badly damaged in shipping.

It is one of those ugly brown Sherman tanks with 12 slots.  And, it does
have the companion full tower ugly brown Sherman tank drive case.
I have the Sun 3 keyboard but the Hitachi color monitor seems to be dead,
so I use a PS/2 Model 25 running Kermit as its remote serial vt-100
console.  It is a little crude, but it works.  When I am done with
getting the machine going, its only use will be as my home server,
so I probably don't need the big Sun workstation style monitor.

I went double checking parts and numbers on it last night, just to
be sure of what I actually wound up with that worked.

Technically, it started life as a 3/160.  But, the 3/160 CPU blew ram.
I cobbled together a top bay drawer to restore a tape system via the
inboard scsi cable, and added a Quantum PD LPS 240 drive instead of the
original pair of 85mb mfm drives off the Adaptec controller board.
Currently, it has a 3/110-LC cpu (or so it says on SunOS boot from the prom).
It has a total of 12 megs ram via 2 Carrera ram boards, plus the native
4 megs of ram on the 3/110 cpu board.  They all seem to work.  I rekeyed out
the part number on the scsi board, and, my rotten luck, it IS a 501-1149
Sun 2 controller.  I was trying to get one of the 501-1236 Sun 3 controllers
but that is not what I wound up with.  I did manage to get SunOS-4.1.1
up on it, and there is about 50mb of spare space after a full install.

I do have one Fujitsu M2333K (280mb?) SMD drive in the drive case.
I don't know its status, yet, since all the cabinets were dumped off
the back of a truck, and all the cabling on the SMD cabinet got sheared
off its mounting screws when it hit the dust.  The panel is probably
straightenable, and the condition of the drive is unknown, but it may
still be OK.  The cable ends I will have to haywire up some to get them
to make connection.  I was fortunate enough to get a 7053 SMD controller
and the right cables to hook it up, plus a pair of the 450 and 451
controllers.  I dunno If I have all the right cables for the 450 series
controllers, but I think it is all there.

Is it possible your 3/260 could generate a set of dump tape images to
clone your system, if it would work on my hardware?  All I have up
tapewise is the original, slightly smashed Wangtek 60mb drive.  A
fellow sent me a spare viper 60mb and 150mb drive that I can use if
I need to, but I am not sure my proms (Rev 2.7) are the right ones
for the 150mb tape drives using the 3/110 cpu.  Do you know, offhand?

I think I probably need to go a'scrounging for the real Sun 3 scsi
controller, maybe.


Bob Keys