Subject: Re: FW: Question/Help?
To: Rick Copeland <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/05/1998 17:12:13
> Robert,
> Is the SCSI VME card in the 3/110 a "SE" or a "SI"?  Both will work with
> SunOS but only the "SI" will work with NetBSD right now.
> Rick

Also, I have the Xylogics 450, 451, and 7053 controllers, and one rather
overgrown Fujitsu M2333K SMD drive that I could use, but that would take
some rehashing of the cabling, since the drive cabinet (another 12 bay
wide tower) got dumped off a truck and the cable ends are all toast.

If I am understanding things correctly, I could use the scsi board to
run the tape for booting and use the SMD drive for NetBSD-1.3.2?
That might be one alternative approach.

Thanks... and almost there.....

Bob Keys