Subject: Re: FW: Question/Help?
To: Erik E. Fair <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/05/1998 13:05:21
> Chris,
> 	There are two things that will make the PROMs unhappy with
> a disklabel:
> 1. wrong "magic" number (literally, it looks in a specific place
> in the label for a particular number to know that the disk has been
> formatted/partitioned and that the rest of the data read from where
> the label is supposed to be is likely to be valid).
> 2. one or more partitions which are not whole cylinders in size.

When I was installing on my Sun 3/110 machine, I totally botched 3 Maxtor
drives by getting wrong info somewhere on the drives.

Is there any way to recover the drives by reformatting/labelling them
using some other machine (dos box maybe) or SunOS 4.1.1?

The drives I nuked are a pair of XT-4380S and one P1-17S Panther.

On some other Conner CP3100 drives, I had to set byte 2 of the formatting
table to a value of 0xbf to get it to take subsequent formatting using
a dos box and a Future Domain TMD-850M controller.  Is that that ``magic



Bob Keys