Subject: Re: general sun3 question about scsi
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/30/1996 17:53:02
In "general sun3 question about scsi", LANCE TOST <> wrote: 
> Hi there.. ihave a Sun 3/60 that i recently acquired and am attempting to 
> install netbsd on.  Unfortunately, i can't seem to get my scsi hard drive 
> to work properly.  Here's what i had to do:  Bought an internal scsi 
> drive and an external case.  So as it is, it looks like this:
> Sun DB50 -> Centronics -> into case -> drive -> out of case -> centronics
> My question is, where do i terminate?  On the drive with the terminating 
> resistors i received with it, or on the last centronics port?  

The controller should be terminated (probably 2 or 3 resistors, similar to
what's on the drive), and you should stick a terminator on the end of the
'last' centronics connector.  If the 'drive->out of case->centronics' cable
run is small, you can just terminate the drive instead.

> Also, when netbooting the netbsd kernel, it finds si0 and reports "SCSI 
> busy, resetting..." or something of the sort.. and it does this forever. 

Definately sounds like a termination problem, or a bad cable.  I was
schuffling drives around during the NetBSD install, and would get this same
error whenever I didn't take the time to terminate things properly. 
Although I usually got it from the prom, not from the kernel.  Sounds like
the same error though.

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