Subject: cgfour0 on 3/110 preliminary results
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/30/1996 23:38:02
Well, I built a -current (as of the 27th) kernel on my 3/110, and obtained
interesting results.

With bwtwo0 configured for ff000000, and no cgfour0, bwtwo0 works fine.

If I configure cgfour0 for ANY address, it fails, with or without bwtwo0
configured also.  By 'fails', I mean an MMU panic (0x8 I beleive it was),
mmediately after cgfour0 is found.

The GENERIC 1.1A kernel has bwtwo0 at ff000000, and cgfour0 at ff200000,
and does not crash on boot, whereas -current does, so I suspect -current
has a bug in the cgfour0 code, or that some change to cg4.c since
the March 1.1A kernel is causing me problems.

For the record, I dug out SunOS 3.0->3.2 differences in my Sun manual
(no, it's not written in Olde English), and the kernel config file for
a 3/110 lists both bwtwo and cgfour at ff000000.  That same config
chokes for me in -current, but I do beleive it SHOULD work (if cgfour
would work at all). do I interpret the panic I get from -current with cgfour


P.S.  If anybody wants to build an older 1.1A or 1.1 kernel with cgfour and 
bwtwo both at ff000000, I'd be most grateful.
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