Subject: Re: cgfour0 giving a BIG display with Xsun
To: None <>
From: Craig Dewick <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/30/1996 09:47:47
> The problem is, when I try and use Xsun, I get a BIG mono display which 
> looks like it's made out of periods.  Hard to's maybe 64x64
> resolution, in mono.  Very odd.  I checked the eeprom settings (using
> eeprom),
> and set console=color, scrsize=1152x900, rebooted, and nothing changed. ;-)
> I MAKEDEV'd bwtwo and cgfour (fb was already there, although I don't know
> to
> what end).
> Any suggestions?  I'd like to get this working in color rather than B&W.

Ok, the problem I think you're seeing is a 'feature' (if you can call it
that) of Xsun, whereby if there is available hardware for more than one
display device (in your case, the cg4 also has a mono overlay enable plane,
which looks like a bwtwo), the Xserver uses the first one it finds, which is
normally the mono device. This is even more of a problem if you run a CPU
board which has a mono fb on the CPU board itself (as my 4/280 SPARC board

To force it to display in colour, you can either use the option to specify a
specific frame buffer device, or, as suggested in the X manual pages, delete
the /dev/ entries for the mono frame buffers so all that Xsun will find is
/dev/cgfour0. I run a cg9 in this 4/280, and because the CPU board has a
bwtwo0 on-board, I had to remove it's /dev entry to make Xsun24 use the cg9
as the default display device.



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