Subject: general sun3 question about scsi
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1996 23:05:35
Hi there.. ihave a Sun 3/60 that i recently acquired and am attempting to 
install netbsd on.  Unfortunately, i can't seem to get my scsi hard drive 
to work properly.  Here's what i had to do:  Bought an internal scsi 
drive and an external case.  So as it is, it looks like this:

Sun DB50 -> Centronics -> into case -> drive -> out of case -> centronics

My question is, where do i terminate?  On the drive with the terminating 
resistors i received with it, or on the last centronics port?  

Regardless, i've tried almost all combinations and it still won't work.  
The built-in diags report that the SBC wr/rd test fails (no reason) and 
the external loopback fails (various reasons depending on termination 
and/or cable directions ... generally it says "all signals should be off 

Do either of these symptoms suggest the onboard scsi is fried?  People 
have also  mentioned to me that scsi needs to be terminated at both 
ends--is this already done on the mainboard?  I can't find a jumper or 
anything which hints at it.

Also, when netbooting the netbsd kernel, it finds si0 and reports "SCSI 
busy, resetting..." or something of the sort.. and it does this forever. 

Other weird things having to do with spinup occur when i terminate, flip 
the cable around, etc.. if you think you can help, i can give you more 
details when you email.

thanks plenty,