Subject: Re: cgfour0 giving a BIG display with Xsun
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1996 09:26:51
In "Re: cgfour0 giving a BIG display with Xsun", Brad Spencer
<> wrote: 
> >I've got my 3/110 up and running under 1.1, installed the X11r6 archives
> >from, and can get XsunMono working just fine.
> >
> >The problem is, when I try and use Xsun, I get a BIG mono display which 
> >looks like it's made out of periods.  Hard to's maybe 64x64
> >resolution, in mono.  Very odd.  I checked the eeprom settings (using
> >eeprom),
> >and set console=color, scrsize=1152x900, rebooted, and nothing changed. ;-)
> >
> >I MAKEDEV'd bwtwo and cgfour (fb was already there, although I don't know
> >to
> >what end).
> >
> I think I saw the same thing on my 4/110 when I was fiddleing about
> with the cgfour/bwtwo display.  What is probably happening is that the
> X server believs that the display is a color cgfour, but, in fact, the
> display is really a mono bwtwo.  So the general effect is that of a
> screen full of pixels spaced out a few bytes apart.
> It is probably a board setup issue with the frame buffer, or a mmap
> problem [i.e. the driver missed the color part of the frame].

That sounds logical, since the 3/110's cgfour also doubles as a bwtwo (the
cgfour has a B&W overlay plane that can be used as a bwtwo).  I'll make a
-current kernel (just got 1.1 installed on this guy yesterday), and see if
there are any changes there.

Would removing bwtwo from the kernel be okay?  I'm concerned this might
hose the console mode, but I'm not sure how the two are interconnected
(i.e., if the console relies on bwtwo being acessible).


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