Subject: Re: Funky SCSI card
To: Kevin P. Neal <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/22/1996 11:25:55
On Thu, 18 Apr 1996 21:16:36 -0400 
 "Kevin P. Neal" <> wrote:

 > I got a Sun FPA board. What the heck is this? I noticed it had two big
 > heatsink-like Amp parts on it. Anybody know exactly what this thing is?
 > How is it used? And can NetBSD be made to work with it, what is involved
 > exactly with this?

If I remember correctly, a Sun FPA is a Sky board.  You might be able to 
dig up some docs on it (there were Sky boards for other VME-based 
computers, too).  Making it work might be a little harder ... I don't 
even recall what the user interface looked like under SunOS.

 > The last thing I got was a Ciprico RF 3523 (model name located in board finger,
 > very nice!). This looks like a heck of a SCSI card for a Sun3 or Sun4 (I
 > assume sun3). It's a 1990 board copyright! It has lots and lots of blank space
 > on it, because by that point sun boards had real chips instead of millions
 > of pals. 
 > The SCSI chip on this board is a WD 33c92a. It looks to be the same family
 > as the 33c93 on the mvme142, and 33c93a on the A3000. Any info on this chip
 > around? The board also has an AMD part number 80186-10, with a 1978 Intel
 > copyright notice. I assume this means the SCSI is handled totally onboard.

Contact Ciprico ... I've heard they're good about documentation.  I might 
even have a manual for that card somewhere...I'll look around.

 > Oh, and if anybody knows how to use the "xtc0" tape controller, talk to me.
 > I can't get my 9-track drive working. 

No driver for the Xylogics tape, yet.  Might call Xylogics about a manual :-)

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