Subject: Funky SCSI card
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/18/1996 21:16:36
Ok, a friend of mine had some Sun3 9u boards that he couldn't sell, so he
donated them to me. I got a 3/200 board, a later one with the green lights
instead of red blinkenlights. Now I have another spare.

I got a Sun FPA board. What the heck is this? I noticed it had two big
heatsink-like Amp parts on it. Anybody know exactly what this thing is?
How is it used? And can NetBSD be made to work with it, what is involved
exactly with this?

The last thing I got was a Ciprico RF 3523 (model name located in board finger,
very nice!). This looks like a heck of a SCSI card for a Sun3 or Sun4 (I
assume sun3). It's a 1990 board copyright! It has lots and lots of blank space
on it, because by that point sun boards had real chips instead of millions
of pals. 

The SCSI chip on this board is a WD 33c92a. It looks to be the same family
as the 33c93 on the mvme142, and 33c93a on the A3000. Any info on this chip
around? The board also has an AMD part number 80186-10, with a 1978 Intel
copyright notice. I assume this means the SCSI is handled totally onboard.

The scsi board is not recognized by my 3/200 3.0 boot prom. I assume it was
used as the secondary SCSI on the machine it came from, if the machine booted
from scsi at all. 

If anybody has any info on this board, like how to plug it into my 3/260,
swing it my way. I have no idea what the jumpers are for, which slots it
likes to be plugged into, etc. 

Oh, and if anybody knows how to use the "xtc0" tape controller, talk to me.
I can't get my 9-track drive working. 

Thanks guys!
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