Subject: archie
To: None <>
From: Arne H. Juul <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/11/1996 19:38:02
 > I ended up ftping it from (Greg Woods)
 > I went through the archie exercise yesterday.
 > The freebsd ftp sites seem to just have patch files and edited make
 > files in the ports directories.  And no pointers to the original 
 > source.
 > Some of the other sites that archie found weren't open for business.

Ah, you're using the wrong archie server then :-)

Seriously, most archie servers have a lot of old data, which IMNSHO
is a bigger problem than *missing* data (though that's a problem too,
of course).  But, don't despair:

chur:/tmp:(505)$ archie -h -l -s bonnie.tar |
                 egrep -vi 'freebsd|linux' 
19960311235500Z 142713 /incoming/bonnie.tar.Z
19921105003200Z   9717 /comp/benchmarks/bonnie.tar.gz
19921105003200Z   9717 /pub/benchmarks/bonnie/bonnie.tar.gz
19940304000000Z  21386 /pub/Bonnie.tar.Z
19910923003200Z  17862 /pub/unix/benchmarks/bonnie.tar.Z
19940224000000Z  14202 /system/benchmark/Bonnie.tar.Z
19910402000000Z  14202 /rcd/Bonnie.tar.Z
19940224000000Z  14202 /pub/benchmark/Bonnie/Bonnie.tar.Z

(Lots of hits with freebsd in them, too, of course).

This server has most of its data newer than 4 days, and nothing older
than 24 March.  And it has a much bigger dataset than other archie servers.
And, of course, it runs on NetBSD ...  :-)

More info on:

Just a friendly "commercial",

  -  Arne H. J.