Subject: Re: Netbooted, but what next?
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: Scott J. Ellentuch <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/06/1996 17:55:31
In Gordon W. Ross's own words (And I ">_") :
> > From: "Scott J. Ellentuch" <>
> > Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 17:00:03 -0500 (EST)
> > Ok, well, I grabbed everything and did what I think was right (Ok, for
> > the first go round I put EVERYTHING down... I'll take away as necessary).
> > 
> > However, its taking FOREVER to do the fsck...... But why, its a NFS root.
> > Does it STILL think it needs to do that?
> Change the /etc/fstab seen by the client to specify NFS mounts.
> See src/etc/etc.sun3/fstab.nfs for example.
	It turns out my problem was actually the umount that follows it.
I've slowly debugged the rc to see what was and wasn't working (syslogd
cored on me, NOT nice!) and I've commented out things that I didn't think
I needed, etc.  HOWEVER, its gotten to the point of :

# build ps databases
echo 'building databases...'
kvm_mkdb /netbsd

And its stuck.  The little light in the back says that its working
ok, but it hasn't gone anywhere else.......

What is this, and do I need it?

Scott J. Ellentuch, The Telecom Security Group, Newburgh, NY

"Over the UUCP link, out the ethernet, through the media converter, down
the fiber, off a router, down the 56K, past my ISP...nothing but Net" -
with poetic license from Dave Owen of IBM