Subject: Re: help the newbie?
To: Perry Hutchison <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/06/1996 12:24:16
>>>>> "Perry" == Perry Hutchison <> writes:

>> Sun3's typically came with 60meg drives.  Most modern systems come
>> with 150 meg drives.  Don't dispair --- read your manuals.  You
>> should be able to convince something to write a 60 meg tape ...

Perry> Not.  A 60MB drive uses wider tracks (and therefore fewer of
Perry> them) than a 150.  A 150 drive can read a 60 tape by
Perry> positioning its narrow-gap head in the middle of the wide
Perry> track, but there is no way for a 150 drive to write the full
Perry> width of a 60 track.

	I realize that.  However, I have been able to convince a 150
meg drive on a 'Stardent' system to create a tape that a 60 meg drive
will read with some degree of reliability.  It seems to be more
reliable if I use a 600A tape --- which might be for the simple reason
that the 600A tape had only been written at the lower density.


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