Subject: Re: mouse pads
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/04/1996 20:12:35
>Julian Bean writes ...
>> At 11:55 am 4/4/96, Jason Downs wrote:
>> >I've been reading the Sun hardware FAQ, and it states that Sun3 mice
>> >used a mouse pad with `broad stripes', as opposed to the later mice that
>> >used `narrow stripes'.  Does anyone know for sure whether or not the older
>> >mice will work with the newer pads?  I've got mice without pads.
>> I am fairly sure they won't, although I can't remember if I ever tried...
>Well .. I am living proof it does work.
>I am using my SUN3/50 on one a SPARC mouse pad.
>I'd didn't ven think it wouldn't work.
>SUN3 mouse part#:
>SN ELT CR26963
>SUN 370-1169-01
>Mouse Pad:
>NCV 402105-003
>The optical mice I have used seem to work on all mouse pads ... Large grid
>or fine.
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Could you perhaps indicate which keyboard you have connected to the
Sun3???  I'v never been able to get the "Sparc" pads to work with
"Sun3" systems [or 4/110 with the "old" keyboards].

Brad Spencer -