Subject: Re: Sun3 hardware questions.
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/02/1996 10:26:05
At 10:24 pm 31/3/96, David Gilbert wrote:
>        I am now (officially) the proud owner of a Sun3/260 (w/ a
>cgtwo).  Being so inclined, I yanked out the cpu board to have a
>look.  The system has a 68020 at 25 Mhz and a 68881 at 20 Mhz.  This
>seems to jive with the fact that a 50 Mhz and a 40 Mhz crystal are
>right nearby (what the 200Mhz crystal a way over yonder controls, I
>don't know).
>        Looking at this, I wondered two things:
>1. Can I put a 68882 in place of the 68881 (and would this be worth it)?

I don't think so.  They have a different pinout... at least, the ones I have do.


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