Subject: Newbie with 3/50 and MVME147
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/21/1995 11:43:10
> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 21:52:10 -0800
> From: (Aleksandr Milewski)

> Sorry if this overlaps the FAQ, but I'm something of a newbie when it comes
> to unix machines. Hence, I've deciced on a baptism by fire:

Fun!  Crispy hacker!

> I've been lurking on the various NetBSD lists for some time, and the 1.1
> release is going to finally push me over the edge. I'd like to bring up my
> 3/50 and my MVME147 machine under NetBSD 1.1, when it becomes available
> next week. (or later, I'm in no hurry)
> The 3/50 has an unformatted disk. The 147 is running SysV R3V7.1 (!) There
> are several Macs around, but unless someone knows of a free NFS server,
> they won't be much use. (One's a PPC, and the other's an 'LC040, so
> NetBSD/Mac is out of the question.)
> Here's what I see as the path of least resistance:

The easiest is to borrow a QIC-24 tape drive for the Sun3/50
and boot from tape.  I've seen the Archive 150 drives for $100
at flea markets recently, so the junk dealers may have those,
or maybe the Archive 60MB drives for even less.  With that, and
some cabling, and a cheap case (i.e. $40 PC case) you're all set.
(I have a couple of such kludges in the basement. 8^)