Subject: Re: Latest "si" driver (disconnect/reselect works!)
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/21/1995 02:53:41
I attempted to set si_options = 7, and run that way. This didn't work for
me with the pair of old SCSI-1 Micropolis drives on my test system; a
number of things failed in odd ways, and when I tried to run a benchmark
(the 10MB dd's from the raw devices), the system went catatonic (interrupts
(ping & tty) answered, but no activity). I'm gonna back off and try again
with si_options = 3.

Two items:

1. if the behavior is device dependent, perhaps whether the driver does
"select/reselect" and other stuff should be in a per-unit flag. Of course,
this complicates the driver behavior a lot...

2. being a hacker of the old school, I never did learn any of this symbolic
debugging stuff, or gdb's twisted behaviors - adb is my tool of choice for
poking through core dumps, and "printf" is my friend for real time
debugging. So, given that there is no adb in NetBSD, how can one coerce gdb
into writing either/both the executable (e.g. /netbsd) and/or the core file
(e.g. /dev/kmem)? This would be a lot quicker than recompiling ncr_si.c.
Alas, attempts to RTFM have not yet yielded this morsel of information.


Erik Fair

P.S.    The kernel with si_options = 3 seems to work just fine; benchmark
ran OK, and turned in respectable numbers that suggest I should look into
using CCD a little with these two disks...