Subject: Re: ROM Revision levels supported?/Net boot problems
To: Reginald J. Reed <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/20/1995 19:35:57
>Are there any particular ROM rev levels that *aren't* support by NetBSD
>for 3/60's?  Its the only thing that I can think may be causing a problem
>netbooting a 3/60.  This is what is happening:
>I turn on or boot the 3/60 from le() and it acquires its IP address fine,
>then tftp's the netboot program from the server (Sparc Classic with
>4.1.3U1).  Netboot is loaded and shows its Revision ( $).  At this
>point the machine simply sits there with the following message:
>        "Requesting Internet Address for [insert MAC address here]"
>What in the world am I doing wrong?  I successfully have netbooted a 3/50
>off of the same machine with the exact same config (I actually only
>replaced the MAC in /etc/ethers, generated a new ethers NIS map and
>restarted all the appropriate daemons).  The only difference between the
>machines is that the 3/60 has a CG4 and a shoebox attached to it (I
>wanted to netboot and then install the disk in the shoebox).
>Any pointers will be greatly appreciated it!  I'm trying to set this
>machine up to take home before Thanksgiving with NetBSD.  Thanks!

I have had this exact same problem with a 3/50 - whilst another 3/50 of
mine worked.

The working 3.50 had ROM rev 2.8, and the broken one 2.0 (from memory)

Anyone have any ideas?


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