Subject: Re: virgin installs
To: David Jones <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/19/1995 11:46:44
>>>>> "David" == David Jones <> writes:
    David> Put a kernel in your root partition, then:

    David> b ie() -a

    David> When the SunOS boot comes up, proceed to boot from sd0a.
    David> Does it work?

  Oh, yeah, no problem. That is how I partitioned the drive... This
isn't new to me: I used to have a 3/160 (named hachiman: Japanese god
of war: a 3/160 dropping from the sky would be pretty dangerous :-)
on which I was hacking the ie drive two years ago... The sparc guys
did ie() before me. 
  3/60s have le()s..

    David> Bring the box over to my place and I'll build you any
    David> kernel you want while we install StunOS on my sparc. :-)

  Transporting equipement has never been fun... I thought you had a
method to boot the sparc already?