Subject: Re: virgin installs
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: David Jones <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/19/1995 08:30:25
>   I have the machine (named Amaterasu --- sun god of the Incas)
> booting via NFS from genuine SunOS 4.1.0 sun3 system. I formatted the
> disk, mounted it and extracted base and etc. I went into /usr/mdec and
> "installboot'ed" --- the /boot program gives a memory fault. There is
> also no kernel in base.

Put a kernel in your root partition, then:

b ie() -a

When the SunOS boot comes up, proceed to boot from sd0a.  Does it work?

I have been able to installboot no problem.

>   It comes up and tells me that it is moving the console to zs0
> (ttya). Oops, I actually have a keyboard and b&w attached. eeprom
> concures. I will eventually be switching to exactly this config. I
> could do that now I guess. 


>   I could quite easily do the SunOS thing on my second system long
> enough to get a kernel built under SunOS. I no longer have the disk
> space on my SunOS system to pull out NetBSD sources. 

Bring the box over to my place and I'll build you any kernel you want while
we install StunOS on my sparc. :-)