Subject: Re: problems with scsi_test kernel on 3/75
To: None <thorpej@SJ.Xenotropic.COM>
From: Ian Dall <dall@HFRD.DSTO.GOV.AU>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/16/1995 09:16:29
Jason Thorpe <thorpej@SJ.Xenotropic.COM> writes:

  > The Sun 3 kernels by default use the old SunOS mapping:

  > sd0 at scsibus? targ 0 lun 0
  > sd1 at scsibus? targ 0 lun 1
  > sd2 at scsibus? targ 1 lun 0
  > sd3 at scsibus? targ 1 lun 1
  > [ . . . ]

Which raises a question - how many disks can I support without a kernel
rebuild? I currently am using SunOS with root on disk 10 (scsi id 5)
for reasons you don't want to know about. Can I boot (perhaps with
-a) without recompiling. For SunOS I had to rebuild to support
the extra disks (I think it only does 2 by default) and also made
disk 10 the root disk. I have been lurking on this mailing list
for some time and am considering taking the NetBSD plunge for my
Sun 3/50.