Subject: Re: Full source dist.
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Jason Downs <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/09/1995 13:41:31
In message <>, Jason Thorpe writes:
> > Also, are the two 68k ports binary-compatible?
>Yah, but there are a couple of programs which don't quite work properly 
>between the two - disklabel, for one (mac has a different MAXPARTITIONS), 
>eeprom(8) and screenblank(1) (Sun-specific), and anything that uses 
>libkvm (the sun3 and mac have much different modules for libkvm, though 
>I'd like to see the Sun 3 kvm stuff merged with the other m68k, but it 
>would require a coupld of trivial changes to the sun3 kernel)

You know, it might be a good idea if the arch-specific binaries (at
least the ones in /usr), where moved out of /usr/bin, and into something
like /usr/arch.  This would make things like diskless clients easier
to manage, and if there's ever some soft of `@sys' hack in the filesystem(s),
it could become /usr/arch-{sun3|mc68k|whatever} and /usr/arch an @sys
symlink...  Symlinks would be left in /usr/bin, pointing into /usr/arch.

SunOS tried to do something like this with /usr/kvm.

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