Subject: Re: If it's a hardware bug, fix the hardware
To: None <>
From: Mark W. Eichin <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/27/1995 17:01:35
Ahh, so is that why the fpu emulator doesn't actually work, one is
expected to find an 881 and fill the socket? (I just joined the list,
having sup'ed over the mirror/arch-sun3 kit and gotten one of my
sun3/50's running (the install instructions need work! which I'll do
if there isn't a more current version) but it seems that any fpu
instruction drops you into ddb, where continuing gives the program
(df, timed, others) an illegal instruction fault...)

Also, what's the correct sup line for the current sun3 kernel sources?
current/ksrc-common and current/ksrc-sun3 don't end up creating an
arch directory for me (if it works for you, let me know, and I'll hunt
down the problem at my end...)