Subject: Re: losing over NFS (Was: Xterm problem)
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/16/1995 23:51:42
On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Jason Thorpe wrote:

> From the symptoms you describe, is sounds like is losing during an NFS 
> swap transaction.  I had this problem on a 3/50 until I added some local 
> disk, and *poof* problem went away.
> I've suspected for a long time that wierd wedges I've seen on diskless 
> Suns were due to a packet or two getting dropped during an NFS swap 
> transaction, but I've been unable to produce this "hanging" effect on any 
> of my diskless hp300s.  Though, it might be worth noting, my hp300s have 
> much newer LANCE chips in them than most Sun 3 systems...
	I have a 3/260 mounting netbsd source from an ss2 (currently
	with its own problems, but thats another matter :), it then
	union mounts that under /usr/src (so all the nfs traffic is read
	only), and I then try a 'make build' - and bingo, core dumps!
	Its reproducable to the extent I've never got through a 'make && 
	make install' in /usr/src/lib without a coredump, but unpredictable
	as to where it will happen.

	Now the sun3 used to be next to the ss2 and never had a problem
	(that I noticed), now its across the campus on a subnet with a 
	lot of loud machines (the entire CS department), and now I get
	code dumps...

	If anyone has any ideas I'm happy to try anything out - up to and 
	including causing panics at any given point... (After my sparc
	problems I'd like to help fix _something_ :)

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