Subject: Re: Memory for Sun3s
To: Julian Bean <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/08/1995 13:53:00
>>>>> "Julian" == Julian Bean <> writes:

Julian> So, I have an appeal - does anyone out there know of a
Julian> supplier still making/selling such boards?  And at what price?
Julian> (A UK supplier would be nice, but somehow that doesn't sound
Julian> very likely...)

Probably not.  However the occasionally can be found by people trying to 
get rid of thin in comp.sys.sun.wanted.

Julian> While we're on the subject (sorry if this is drifting off
Julian> NetBSD somewhat) a friend of mine has picked up a Sun 3/60
Julian> virtually for free...  unfortunately at some point in its life
Julian> it has mislaid its CPU (!) and FPU (if it ever had one..).

Julian> What kind of price can one pick up 68020s and, indeed, 30-pin
Julian> 1 meg simms?

Fry's (a S.F. Bay area electronics/computers/junk food distributor)
has new '020s and '882s in little plastic baggies on their shelves.
I remember a '882 was about $30. I don't recall the price of '020s.
It's probably cheaper to find another 3/60 MB.  I bought one for
$60 recently.

Memory is another thing you might want to pick up on the used market.
The best price I've seen for new 100ns 1MB SIMMS is $27 dollars.  For
example, I'm arranging to by a 12MB 3/60 w/mono display for $150.  

My being in the Bay Area probable helps, as there is a higher
concentration of old workstations.