Subject: Re: Xwindows help (performance)
To: der Mouse <>
From: Scott J. Ellentuch <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/07/1995 16:44:54
In der Mouse's own words (And I ">_") :
> >> If the machine is swapping that often, then you need more memory.
> [...]
> >> Let me guess:  Does machine have only 4M of RAM?
> > 'Fraid so - it is a 3/50.  No chance of any more memory on one of
> > these....
> Actually, I think there is.  I've heard from usually reliable sources
> that there exist third-party hardware vendors who sell memory upgrades
> for -3/50s.  I've never seen one in action, but I understand it
> physically replaces one of the socketed chips on the main board with a
> daughterboard holding the original chip, some memory, and (presumably)
> some glue logic....
I own two of such beasts.  The first came with my 3/50 and adds 8M. This
is working PERFECTLY.  The second was a gift from someone in AUS, and I
had to install it myself.  I purchased the 1M SIMM chips from someone over
the net (Longer story, not worth it) and went to install it myself.  The
first thing you do is pull the MMU and PCM(?) chips.  NOT EASY AT ALL!
I actually damaged my MMU chip.  Then you remove 4 chips, and place a
daughterboard that fits into those 6 sockets.  You replace the MMU/PCM(?)
and 2 of the 4 other chips.  You yank a jumpper , boot, reconfig a few memory 
registers and your done. (Normally).  

HOWEVER, after sending the board back to the manufacturer, then telling me
it was bad and that 1/2 the memory was bad replaced the board.  I replaced
the memory and STILL can't get it past the 8M.  I plan on sending it back.
(It will boot with the 12M, but then I get an NMI interrupt).


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