Subject: Re: device not configured when newfs'ing
To: Black Ice <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/06/1995 08:49:37
>> Hi, all -- I'm trying to set up a hard drive for a sun3/60 and whenever I
>> try to newfs or disklabel or whatever a partition other than c
>> (/dev/rsd0c) it kicks out an error "Device not configured".  I'm
>> thoroughly lost.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please write
>> directly to  Thanks a ton...
>Just a wild stab in the dark since I need to get a SCSI cable (still) before
>I can get that far, but it _sounds_ as though the disk has no partition
>table, so only partition 'c' - the whole disk - can be accessed.
>By creating a partition table, you'll be able to set up how you want the disk
>divided, so it can be accessed properly later....
>As for how to do it - umm... isn't it the 'format' command under SunOS?  It's
>been a while since I had to do it, and my mind is a little hazy this morning.
>Besides, we're not talking SunOS here - but the command might be the same!
>Just do a 'man -k' for format or related thing.

Under SunOS, type format.  Hope your disk is shown.  Type the number.  Then
'partition'.  'print' will list existing partitions....  it is quite

It is also possible to format it on a Mac (use a patched version of HD SC
Setup or a third-party utility like Spot On) or, probably, under NetBSD.
Under NetBSD the command is disklabel.  Personally, I had to format on the
mac and newfs under SunOS (on a SPARC) - I couldn't make BSD/newfs work.

Good Luck


>Good luck.
>Two plus two does not equal five, even for moderately large values of two.

Maybe not, but for very large values of two, the value *tends* to five... ;-)

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