Subject: Re: Xwindows help
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/05/1995 22:25:35
>> From: Mike Blandford <>
>> Date: Wed, 4 Oct 95 14:06:56 MDT
>[ ... an Xkernel based on NetBSD/sun3 ... (instead of SunOS) ]
>> > Yes, that would be better, though.  NetBSD runs a lot better then
>> > Sun-broken-OS.
>> I cant believe people are saying this.  I suggested this about 5-6
>> weeks ago and got ~30 replies.  One said it was a good idea and
>> the rest flamed me for not wanting to run the whole NetBSD package
>> on my sun3.
>> Mikey
>Oh well, there is never a shortage of people eager to flame.
>This is a free OS.  That means people can do what they want.

Well, I am using NetBSD on my Sun3 as I don't have a copy of SunOS
(interesting point - since I have a kosher Sun3/50, presumably I am (by
definition?) licensed to run SunOS), but the impression I get is that SunOS
would be rather faster (mind you, I am NFS booting it diskless at the
moment, so I'm not that surprised its slow.  A friend sent neko and eyes
and a desktop to me via X last night, and they took a while...).

Althought, it might be considered better to run a BSD based system than a
SYSV based one.

That aside however, I thought it was acknowledged that NetBSD/sun3 SCSI
support was slow....

How much faster would an Xkernel be that simply running X11R6 from the
standard netbsd-dl kernel (I will later switch to netbsd-gen when I get
some SCSI leads)?

While I'm on the subject - when I halt my machine, I complains it can't
unmount / - error 16.  It unmounts swap and /usr fine...


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