Subject: Re: Xwindows help
To: None <>
From: Mike Blandford <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/04/1995 14:06:56
> >Last time I looked, Xkernel was just a "stripped down" copy of SunOS
> >bundled with the Xsun server, etc.  I would think that would give

True.  However,  If you get the version that is carried on many Linux
sites you get some pretty good instructions on how to boot Xkernel
from your Linux machine.  The could be easily modified to fit booting
NetBSD instead.  The newest version I have seen/used for linux is 2.0d.

> >Now, if someone wanted to make an Xkernel based on NetBSD/sun3,
> >then there should be no SunOS ownership problems.
> Yes, that would be better, though.  NetBSD runs a lot better then
> Sun-broken-OS.

I cant believe people are saying this.  I suggested this about 5-6
weeks ago and got ~30 replies.  One said it was a good idea and
the rest flamed me for not wanting to run the whole NetBSD package
on my sun3.