Subject: Re: device not configured when newfs'ing
To: Corey Adam Baye <>
From: Black Ice <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/03/1995 10:06:46
> Hi, all -- I'm trying to set up a hard drive for a sun3/60 and whenever I 
> try to newfs or disklabel or whatever a partition other than c  
> (/dev/rsd0c) it kicks out an error "Device not configured".  I'm 
> thoroughly lost.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please write 
> directly to  Thanks a ton...

Just a wild stab in the dark since I need to get a SCSI cable (still) before 
I can get that far, but it _sounds_ as though the disk has no partition 
table, so only partition 'c' - the whole disk - can be accessed.
By creating a partition table, you'll be able to set up how you want the disk 
divided, so it can be accessed properly later....

As for how to do it - umm... isn't it the 'format' command under SunOS?  It's 
been a while since I had to do it, and my mind is a little hazy this morning.
Besides, we're not talking SunOS here - but the command might be the same!
Just do a 'man -k' for format or related thing.

Good luck.
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