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re: netbsd-8 panic

> Any ideas about what happened here?
> mpt0: mpt_done: IOC task terminated!
> mpt0: mpt_done: IOC has error - logging...
> mpt0: unknown ctlop: 0x0
> mpt0: mpt_done: IOC fatal error: restarting...
> panic: iommu_dvmamap_unload: error dvmastart is zero!

looks like a mpt(4) bug to me.  it calls bus_dmamap_unload() when
the _load() call didn't actually succeed.

> cpu0: Begin traceback...
> cpu0: End traceback...
> Frame pointer is at 0xe0046fd1
> Call traceback:
>   netbsd:cpu_reboot+0x1b4(193de20, 0, ffff, 2, 1c96000, 1c9e2d0) fp = e0047091
>   netbsd:vpanic+0x174(104, 0, 18d5f38, 1cdd000, 7, 113496140) fp = e0047141
>   netbsd:panic+0x24(18d5f38, e0047b38, 1ce5000, 1ce6400, 104, 1ce62c0) fp = e00471f1
>   netbsd:iommu_dvmamap_unload+0x98(18d5f38, 16e5d90, ff070000000001, 1960000, 0, c134bfff) fp = e00472b1
>   netbsd:mpt_restart+0x12c(10ec93198, 111fe3018, 0, 195a000, 1121df5d8, 10ec6aa70) fp = e0047361

in mpt_restart:

        for (i = 0; i < MPT_MAX_REQUESTS(mpt); i++) {
                req = &mpt->request_pool[i];
                xs = req->xfer;
                if (xs != NULL) {
                        if (xs->datalen != 0)
                                bus_dmamap_unload(mpt->sc_dmat, req->dmap);

note how xs->datalen is used to determine whether or not to
unload, but this value isn't zeroed ift he load fails.  i am
going to guess that perhaps mpt_run_xfer() has failed the
load (perhaps low on free ram?), and then when mpd_done() is
next called and it decides to restart the adapter it then
calls mpt_restart() as above.

not sure exactly what the fix should look like if i'm right.
something that keeps track of whether an xfer (xs) is loaded
or not, and needs to be unloaded.


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