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Re: HEADS UP: install new ld.elf_so!


I have just commited code from Chuck to switch sparc64 to TOPDOWN_VM.

This means you need to be a little carefull when you update your -current
machine the next time:

 - if you did not compile anything new after 2013-11-14, everything is
   fine and your old binaries will not use TOPDOWN_VM.
 - if you have recompiled -current binaries after that date (so they
   are marked as using the "medmid" code model, check by running file(1)
   on the binary)), you need to install a newer ld.elf_so *before* booting
   a new kerne. A /libexec/ld.elf_so from 2014-04-04 or newer will do.

Should this fail for you, boot with -a and use /rescue/init to recover.

Next step is compiling pkgsrc: if you start recompiling, best practise
is to recompile everything from scratch. If you should end up with recompiled
binaries but some libraries those depend on not being recompiled, you may
see crashes. (This is due to the compiler code generation default model
changing earlier, which was a prerequisite for todays change.)


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