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re: V240 and V440 servers

   > Hi! I've managed to run NetBSD-current on Sun Fire V240 and V440 servers. 
In common I see V240 is much more supported, than V440. If some developer need -
 I can provide some details or access to that boxes.
   I have also tried on a V440.  The problems that we currently have are:
     network booting makes the boot interface unusable (use another interface
       for root and then use drvctl to detach/re-attach the boot interface)
     internal disks (mpt driver) don't work (see also kern/42870)
     the clock will lose time under load
     4-way sparc64 boxes eventually hang
   I need to find some spare time to look at the first two.  I hope someone else
   can fix the others ;-)

i now have a brand new-to-me ultra80 that exhibits the 4-way hang,
and i've seen my clocks complain about going backwards, but not
about losing time...

so maybe i will get the other two... :-)


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