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Re: USIII support now largely working - please test!

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 16:47:37 +1100
matthew green <mrg%eterna.com.au@localhost> wrote:

> can you make sure you have:
>       $NetBSD: pmap.c,v 1.259 2010/03/10 06:57:22 mrg Exp $
> it contains one final hack that has stopped me seeing failures in pseg_set().
Thanks for the hint. I build a kernel with that version. It run fine
trough four consecutive "build.sh -j 8 -x ..." and crashed right in the
midle of the fifth run. Unfortunately the service processor clobered
the console output so that I could no get any usefull crash message.
I restarted the test and will report how it went.


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