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HEADS UP: GENERIC switched to MP by default

hi folks.

due to UP kernels not actually functioning at all on some recent
machines, we have decided to switch GENERIC to be multi-processor
supported by default, and have introdiced "GENERIC.UP" versions
where otherwise "GENERIC.MP" existed.

this shouldn't affect anyone and i hope it does not affect
performance in a noticeably way.  i ran a bunch of benchmarks on
a U60 comparing UP and MP kernels in a single cpu configuration
and i was not able to detect any change in performance that was
not within the noise detected (infact, the numbers over 15 runs
actually gave the MP kernel a slight (0.02%) benefit.)

the installer and normal builds will still offer/produce a
GENERIC.UP/GENERIC32.UP kernel but i would like to obsolete
these after netbsd 6.x is shipped.  i'm going to be doing a lot
of testing, but anyone who cares about this should do the same,
if they would like to convince me otherwise.


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