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re: USIII support now largely working - please test!

   > please try out as many USIII systems that you can with -current, and
   > report back here details.  i'm curious to find out what happens where
   > now, and what else is needed.
   Fire V240 with dual 1 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM. I started an excessive pkgsrc
   compile. This run for quite some time but eventually:
   trap type 0x34: cpu 1, pc=100a680 npc=100a684 pstate=0x44820006<PRIV,IE>

can you find out what PC this?  trap 34 is:

#define T_ALIGN         0x034   /* (10) address not properly aligned */
   > some systems will requiring running GENERIC.MP instead of GENERIC for
   > now, and this means the installer won't work properly yet, but net
   > booting GENERIC.MP should work.

   I run into this. The INSTALL kernel hung at SCSI device probe.

yeah - i plan to change this soon.  i need to update the docs
a little as well, to let people know about "boot -1" to force
UP mode even with a UP kernel but otherwise i think it should
work just fine.

V240 is USIIIi, right?  there's a bug with USIIIi PCI i'm chasing,
but i've seen my real USIII machine die twice with a similar problem
but not near that PC.  yours is low in locore, which starts at
0x100.0000... hopefully we can get these final stability issues
figured out in time for netbsd 6.  :)


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