Subject: Which version for production use?
To: None <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 01/02/2007 15:31:49
I need to setup a file server on an Ultra5.  Is there a general 
consensus as to what version of NetBSD-sparc64 I should use or should 
I just use the latest released version?

The machine currently has some version of 2.x loaded but my thought 
is to use at least 3.0.1 since 4.x isn't available yet.

The file server is for home use with a pair of 80 GB IDE drives 
configured as RAID1 (mirrored) for data storage with a 10+GB IDE 
drive for the OS.  Backup method is as yet to be determined but might 
be to either an 8MM of DLT drive connected through a SCSI port.

The IDE interface card is a cheap Sabrent card from Tiger Direct.  It 
was supposed to be a simple ATA133 card but seems to be a RAID 
controller.  I doubt the BIOS will be of much use in a SPARC system 
so I'm just hoping to use the RAIDframe driver in the kernel.

I'm currently using a cheap Dell PC but the system keeps locking up 
under heavy network load.  I'm moving to the Ultra for stability and 
to give the Dell to the kids as a Win2K play box.

Any thoughts or recommendations welcome.

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