Subject: Sparc 64 & Raid Boot question
To: None <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 08/04/2003 09:25:52
Hi all

I've got a sparc64 machine - actually one of the Sun Microelectronics 
AXi ATX boards.

I've configured it as follows:

/dev/sd0a - /stand0
/dev/sd0e - RAID (raid1)
/dev/sd1a - /stand1
/dev/sd1e - RAID (raid1)

On RAID I have

/dev/raid0a - /
/dev/raid0b - swap
/dev/raid0e - /var
/dev/raid0f - /usr

I've set up both stand0 and stand1 to be bootable. I've configured the 
raid set for auto root but whenever I try to boot without getting the 
kernel to ask for its filesystems it tries to put root on one of the 
/stand? partitions and subsequently complains that it can't find init 
which is no surprise.

What should I do to make this setup work? I'd really like to stick with 
a generic kernel if possible.