Subject: Isn't "db>" on boot bad? :P
To: None <>
From: leam <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 02/10/2003 21:10:14
I'm working to dump and restore from one disk to another, and the system 
won't boot from the second disk. Particulars:

    NetBSD 1.6 (Sparc64), generic re-compiled kernel
    root, /usr, and /var were dump'd and restore'd with:
	dump 0uf - /dev/rsd0a | ( cd /mnt; restore rvf - )
         { where a is "/", and /dev/rsd1a is mounted on /mnt}
After I did those three (/export is the only other filesystem) I:

   /usr/sbin/installboot -m sparc64 -t ffs /dev/rsd1a /usr/mdec/bootblk 

When it tried to boot it was locked in a loop saying:

   trap: textfault at 109ffc!! sending SIGILL due to trap at 16: illegal 

After either "stop-a" or "^c" (it is late for me and near my nappy time) 
I got:

   kdb breakpoint at 12c52ac
   stopped in pid 1 (init) at cpu_Debugger+0x4: nop

The machine is currently at the "db>" prompt.

My priority on this is "educational"; that is, the machines sole-purpose 
is to let me learn NetBSD, so if it stays there for a bit that's fine. 
If you have a solution, I'd appreciate it. If you just point me to a 
particular section of the documentation i've either missed or 
misunderstood, that is just as fine.