Subject: re: booting an Ultra 30
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 03/15/2001 17:09:05
	   I tried to boot my friend's ultra30, and netboot works so I do think
	   that your image is somehow corrupted. Make sure it properly
	   downloaded(there is checksum file there nearby you can use, don't ask me
	   how - I've never tried). But ...
	   Kernel panics though with 'could not get psycho interrupt-map' or
	   'could not get interrupt-map-mask'. I can say that there are no such
	   properies among listed in OFW, the closest I could find was 'interrupts'.
	   Anyway, 'prtconf -pv' partial output is attached. I don't know much
	   about psycho yet, but I got environment set up, so if somebody wants
	   a try run, shouldn't be a problem.

	i need to investigate what to do in the absense of these properties.

I think you should just use the `interrupts' property directly 
to probe the mapping registers the way SBus does.