Subject: netbooting ultra2
To: None <>
From: Andrei Petrov <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 07/13/2000 19:01:42

I'm trying to netboot ultra2 from i386 running NetBSD, unfortunately i
don't have serial console so i'll type pieces from what I see on a

From openprom I boot by 
boot net netbsd 
and see how ofwboot loaded, BTW bootparamd responds every second time,
i see netbsd loaded, probes everything, among others it finds hme0
and finally asks about root,dump and filesystem. After getting
hme0/hme0/nfs it tries to get root filesystem and ends up with:

nfs_boot: client_addr= (RARP from

hme0: status=20001<GOTFRAME,NOXRD>

hme0: status=20001<GOTFRAME,NOXRD>
nfs_boot: timeout...

falling into ddb shows stack shows that it's below nfs_bootparam
what is certainly expected. 

Seems that bootparamd doesn't answer, and hme0 receives something
from the network. But I kind of stuck at this point.

One more thing: if I turn tcpdump on my i386 server machine then
I can't get bootparamd's response at all. Any advice?

Thank you in advance,
	Andrey Petrov