Subject: Re: booting from solaris
To: John Hay <>
From: Andrei Petrov <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 07/11/2000 11:53:54
On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, John Hay wrote:

> > 
> > > I strongly recommend generating an /ofwboot and using that to load the
> > > kernel.  However, even with that there may be filesystem issues on newer
> > > versions of solaris.
> > I think it may destroy my solaris. What do you think?
> > 
> > I saw the guy was able to netboot, so I'm trying to built ofwboot for
> > that purpose,
> > currently I lack crt0.o what kind of surprise me.
> > 
> > Should standalone program have crt0? Is my environment screwd?
> Hehehe, I also had that problem and thought it was because of my cross
> build environment so I didn't even mention it. (I'm building on a PC
> running FreeBSD.) What I did was to add:
> LIBCRT0=        ${CURDIR}/srt0.o

I found that including pulls dependancies from LIBCRT..
for (PROG). So I need to add:


> to the Makefile. Maybe also for the record, I build ofwboot as a 64bit
> elf binary.

Also, I tried 32bit ofwboot and it said '15400 unaligned memory access'.