Subject: cross-compiler for sparc64
To: None <>
From: ali (Anders Lindgren) <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 07/10/2000 21:46:25
After browsing through the mailing-list archives I recently
joined port-sparc64, maybe someone here can help (sorry if
this is not directly related to port-sparc64.. :/ ):

I'm trying to build a cross-gcc that is able to build
64bit Sparc v9 ELF binaries on SUN UltraSparc running Slowaris 2.7
in 32bit mode. I am trying to build it with gcc 2.8.1

I am working on a low-level project on an Ultra1 (well, 
at the moment on a U10 in fact...). So far I am not having
much luck, and the cross-gcc FAQ didn't do me much good. Basically
all goes well until the xgcc binary is going through the testsuite
at which point it barfs on some assembly-code it has generated
(floatconv.c, illegal operand or somesuch). Since people are
actually getting port-sparc64 up and running, I assume someone
might have succeeded? 

I have been trying this using a 32bit gcc-2.8.1 (and briefly with
an egcs-2.91.60). To further(?) complicate things, I am trying
to build one without building glibc. I have heard this tends to
complicate things (althought there not existing a sparc64-elf
glibc target, it should be good in my case. :-) ).

Is it worth the hassle, or should I settle for the 64bit-capable
SUN cc? (I prefer gcc, and hrrm could I get into license issues
using SUN cc for free software?)

Any help appreciated. Please feel free to respond in private
if it's off topic (although I reckon it could be interesting for
other list members)


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