Subject: Re: sparc64 snapshot
To: David O'Brien <>
From: Eduardo Horvath <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 06/17/2000 07:33:54
On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, David O'Brien wrote:

> The only sparc64 snapshot I can find is dated 19990114.  Is there a newer
> version somewhere?  From the sparc64 homepage, it is implied that the
> current sources offer a lot more support than this greater than 1 year
> old snapshot.

sparc64 describes 64-bit SPARC binaries.  sparc describes 32-bit SPARC
binaries.  Both types of binariies can be used on a sparc64 kernel.  The
recommended way is to use a NetBSD/sparc userland with a NetBSD/sparc64
32-bit kernel.  That's the most stable combination.

I will probably try to create another sparc64 snapshot soon, but much of
it won't build because gcc is borken on sparc64.

Eduardo Horvath